Bid Participation

Once the product/service is uploaded by the seller/service provides they will be able to see the list of BID/RA and Purchase Requisitions that are available for their product/service in Portal. Based on their discretion they can participate in the relevant transaction. Please note as per GFR 149 following are the type of procurements currently available.


Direct Purchase – upto INR 25,000 Direct Purchase can be done. But, if the buyer want then they can do BID/RA also.

Upto 5 lacs

Purchase Requistion / L1 – Between INR 25,000 and INR 5 lacs buyer can opt for purchase requisition / L1 where lowest quote vendor will be selected. But, if the buyer wanted to goin for BID/RA they are allowed to do so.

Above 5 lacs

Above INR 5 lacs Buyer should go in for BID/RA only.

Important Points to be noted

  • Seller can participate in BID/RA should comply with the process defined by GeM Framework
  • All relevant documents required as per ATC (Additional Terms and Conditions) of the BID /RA should be provided
  • There will not be any direct interaction between Buyer and Seller until the contract is awarded
  • Options are available to directly create a BID or directly create a RA or convert BID to RA
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