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Microsoft has made it clear that gaming is a big focus for Windows 11, so it’s the better platform for gamers now, especially with some of the performance bugs worked out. PC gamers are updating to Windows 11 in droves, so that’s [Link] a good sign. But if you want to pin your Taskbar to the right or the left of the screen, then we have bad news. You can no longer do that natively, as in Windows 11, the Taskbar only stays on the bottom. Paid third-party apps like Start11 can change it if you want, however. Other performance changes in Windows 11 touch on the way your PC resumes from sleep and handles standby time.

If you have an account with the same account as your desktop, you can choose to allow the default application. We also recommend using Wondershare Repairit as it is a powerful tool for repairing corrupted videos, photos, and files with a few simple clicks! It helps fix many corruption scenarios such as damaged or corrupt videos, photo restoration, and data recovery. After clicking on the Repair button, a window will appear with options to fix any errors in your photos. The algorithm is unique and can take some time, so be patient. When repairing all of the photos, a notification pops up telling you images successfully repaired or not and giving tips for future repairs if necessary.

It’s a good idea to make sure you leave this enabled, as any supported devices will produce a desktop notification for quick connection. When you first bought your Windows PC, you were likely excited about its ability to connect to Bluetooth. To enable Bluetooth driver, right-click the Start button and choose Device Manager from the list to open it. If your Bluetooth adapter is disabled here, right-click it and click Enable device. After that, restart your computer to check if the issue is resolved. If you need more advanced settings, then just select the More Bluetooth option which will open up a new submenu with additional features.

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Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Press Windows Key + Shift + S or search up Snip & Sketch app on the search bar to activate Snip & Sketch. After that select the New option or if you want to choose a specific shape, click the arrow on the left side.

  • The first thing to check for when you encounter images failing to load on Microsoft Teams is to see if your computer is connected to a working internet connection.
  • If for some reason thumbnail previews aren’t showing on your PC, feel free to try any solution from this article.
  • It’s also been pitched as a way for developers to retain their customers when you switch.

To fix this problem, go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, or Device Manager. Once in Device Manager, right-click on the Bluetooth device, select “Uninstall.” You should see a message that says “Windows could not find a device with that name”. Afterward, reboot the computer and you should see the Bluetooth option back in the Settings. When you pair a second or subsequent device , press and hold the buttons on both the left and right units for about 5 seconds. If none of the above fixes help you overcome the Bluetooth issues, then it is highly likely that the problem lies with the hardware. But before you go out to get a Bluetooth adapter, there’s one last thing that you could try which has been known to work for a lot of users facing similar problems.

PowerShell and Windows versions ^

There are also many other features that make your gaming experience better, like Auto HDR for people using an HDR monitor and the built-in Xbox app, etc. You can move the icons to the left side, get back Cortana, remove/add icons, and change taskbar behavior from the settings. Although you can’t change much in the Start menu, third-party Start menu alternatives might help here.

Set a partition size that meets your needs, because you can’t change its size later. To install Windows, use Boot Camp Assistant, which is included with your Mac. An external USB flash drive with a storage capacity of 16GB or more, unless you’re using aMac that doesn’t need a flash drive to install Windows. It’s hard to recommend paying MSRP for Windows 10 or 11, because Microsoft’s price is astronomically high.

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